About Us

Established in cooperation with MUSİAD and Yıldız Tecnical University Real Estate Market Inc (GABORAS) aims to regulate the real estate sector, make it indexed and become a market in the end through the use of big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

GABORAS will provide a basis fort he sector to be regulated, measured and processed transparently by eliminating its unrecorded structure. Securitization of real estate purchase-sell and rent transactions by recording them, making them possible to be sold through small units and domestic/foreign investors to perform their transactions in a secure environment will make the creation of a common market possible.

Real estate and its derivatives becoming marketable as alternative capital market instrument with the high added value, technological developments added to the real estate sector, will make real estate issuance much easier by bringing out the enormous real estate potential in Turkey. It is projected to regain the capital, absorbed by the real estate sector, by detecting the lost capital, created due to unregistered economy with big-data and artificial intelligence software.

GABORAS which will serve 7/24 with domestic software in electronic environment will ensure to bring out the potential value of our immovable assets and to add the under-the-mattress real estate to the capital by monitoring and tracing our immovable assets.

It is inevitable that quick inflow of foreign currency to the country will be ensured by using every means through the environment of trust that will be created by offering real estate products, their derivatives and stocks to investors transparently. Thanks to creating the real estate stock market through securitizing in Turkey based real estate, a basis will be created to export real estate, index and business models to be exported to more than 100 countries where MUSIAD is organized.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish and operate Turkey based real estate and its assets market and to export it to the world as a business model.

Our Mission

Our mission is to securitize real estate by creating a secure purchasing&selling and renting platform.

Our Objective

Our primary objective is to ensure that real estate and its derivatives become marketable as capital market instruments.

Our Goals

  1. To be able to trace and monitor our real estate.
  2. To bring out the potential value of our real estate.
  3. To determine the unregistered trade volume through Big-Data and technological solutions
  4. Regaining Capital, Absorbed by The Real Estate (Securitizing)
  5. Providing 7/24 service on digital platforms
  6. Sharing up to date information, related to real estate, with investors and/or buyers on a transparent and secure environment
  7. Increasing foreign currency inflow through reliable data to be provided for the investors
  8. It will be insured that Under-the-pillow Real Estate will be Included in the Capital
  9. To complete the securitizing process of real estate and making it marketable
  10. To export products and index for real estate in the countries where MUSIAD is organized, including SEDAK members (2018/87 Countries)