2021 1st Quarter
  • DATA

Transformation of Dead Capital in Real Estate

Domestic and National
Becoming Indexed
Becoming Marketable
Asset Management
Real estate, all relevant changes in their values and legal regulations can be viewed 7/24 through the data flow, provided for the the big-data pool of GABORAS system. Notification can be received with multiple language support in the preferred timeframes.
Asset Monitoring
Real estate which can be monitored on GABORAS system can be placed in the real estate market, sale, purchase or rent declarations can be made and all real estate can be managed on one screen, thanks to advanced Technologies on the GABORAS Secure Purchasing&Selling Platform.
Secure Purchasing&Selling Platform
Real estate transactions will be made based on information, transparently and securely on GABORAS secure purchasing&selling platform. Data which affect decision making processes can be accessed thanks to algorithms, created with the most updated data, up to date market values, comparison charts and profit-loss expectations.
Real Estate Stock Market
Square meter and location based processed can be performed through GABORAS Locational Market. Information, in addition to technological data can be obtained on 1 square km grids from the local information network. Investment decisions can be made, thanks to the indexes (Canal Istanbul index, Shopping Center index, etc.), created on the secure purchasing&selling platform.
184 MillionTitles
1 Trillion TLOfficial Transaction Volume
8.5 MillionAnnual Transactions
4 Trillion TLEstimated Lost Economy