GABORAS Automation System (GOS)

GOS will provide service for all processes from first/secondhand sales to transfers, loans and insurance in all processes, related to real estate which begins with the construction license.

GOS aims to connect the existing online services. Operations and services will be carried out by integrating all information on an independent and objective platform.

GABORAS will be the first ‘Real Estate Assets Stock Market’ through the trust and added value, created by the "Secure Purchasing and Selling Platform,’ where all purchasing, selling, renting and leasing processes are carried out.”

Instant Value Monitoring

It will be possible to view the updated Real Estate Stock Exchange, declarations and real estate instantly on smart systems. All real estate in Turkey will have a measurable and valuable status by registering them.

All Transactions on a Single Platform

Real estate purchasing and selling transactions will be carried out on a single platform throughout the world, 7 days and 24 hours with language choices of Turkish, English, German, Arabic and Russian. Loans, insurance, establishing lien and instant lien monitoring will also be carried out within seconds through the same system.

Value Monitoring and Purchasing&Selling Operations

It will be possible to monitor the values of the city on live systems through Real Estate Stock Market. It will be possible to view updated project values, purchasing and selling operations and performance analyses instantly. It will be possible for domestic and foreign investors to make investments on valuable data sets such as city, county and neighborhood performances and Shopping Center indexes through the new indexes to be created.

Expectation Comparisons

Decision making processes of users who think of making real estate investments will occur completely based on data with transparent, objective and updated data. Profit-loss expectations and expectation comparisons will be easily displayed with reports to be made in periodic timeframes for users who request it.

Monitoring Before, During and After Production

Real Estate Stock Market begins to monitor the process before the production of real estate. Production and post production process of real estate will be displayed by the system and real time ERP & CRM stock market integration will be ensured. It will be possible to monitor process control and live production processes through project clouds and monitor post real estate production, also through cloud.

Domestic and National Software

The most important Project for Turkey to reach its 2023 goals, GABORAS (Real Estate Stock Market Inc) will bring out the total value of the real estate sector with domestic and national software. Managed with learning machines and artificial intelligence, fed with Big data and integrated with blockchain, GABORAS will ensure 4 Trillion TL’s worth of lost economy to be regained.